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Customer Testimonials and Feedback

Hi Matt,Just thought I’d drop a quick email to let you know how happy I am with the stage 2 system!
The drive home yesterday was better than the day I picked the car up from Jaguar! The noise is second to none, also the exhaust tips have now have a slight tint of gold due to the heat, which is even better!
I’ll be sure to leave some good feedback on the forums and if I ever decide to do anything further to the car I’ll be sure to return! Hopefully the new website is up and running soon!

Many thanks from a very happy customer!
Declan Wright

XFR stage 2 exhaust system
Hi Mat,

The Intrax setup worked brilliantly at Rockingham on Sunday, world apart from the previous setup.  Started the morning with a little too much understeer but managed to dial it out during the day with tyre pressure and damping adjustments.  Need to learn a bit more about the effects of increasing / decreasing high and low speed compression and rebound on under and over steer next!


E46 M3 track day set up, corner weights and geometry


I thought I would drop you a like to say I’ve just had the exhaust repair section you supplied fitted to my XJ Sovereign out here in France
The car has covered 116k miles and it was found one side was just starting to ‘blow’ although not evident when diving
I wanted to make the repair as a precautionary measure, I am returning to the UK for a family wedding in two weeks time and I will be covering a lot of miles
The garage that carried out the modification said it was the most professionally engineered after market item they have ever used and fitted perfectly
Many thanks for supplying such a great repair item
Please feel free to use this testimony as you wish
XJ 2.7D down pipe repair kit
Hi Matt,
Just a short note to tell you I had the coilovers installed (on Nov. 11; where does the time go?). I was there and took some picts, which I will send once I get them out of the camera.
Install went well. Mechanic was impressed that the car sat even once off the lift.
I just ordered the eccentric bolts for the front suspension camber adjustment. I’ll take it in for an alignment, probably in Jan.
So the car sits lower now with the coilovers right out of the box. I measured it that afternoon. I will measure it again now that it has all had time to settle — and also check the bottom clearance and then adjust if needed.
Thanks again for fabricating these. Car rides nice, yes, a bit firmer, especially on bumps, but not jarring. I get less lean going around a corner, but it will be the next autocross where we really see how it goes.
XK8 R coil over kit


Hi Matt,

Just to let you know I’m very happy with the revised suspension. The car now has just the right feel for my tastes: firm and quite springy, but not too hard.

Thanks very much and good luck with the business.

John – XFR comfort suspension


Hi Matt,



Hi Matt,

Package arrived yesterday, fitted today. Great noise, another satisfied customer, Thanks again.
Got one question, does the engine need re-tuning to the new exhaust?


I was away on business in the UK all last week, when I also received the silencer.

So this week …. actually yesterday … I went to one of my favorite garages to get the new exhaust system installed …

All went fine, albeit some aligning and minor adjustments which had to be carried out to make sure that the tail pipes are well located and identical on both sides …

Comment from my garage was … good job .. they look well made … etc … so thanks for that J

Personally am extremely pleased with the look.

XF 3.0D stage 2 exhaust

They flipped it around, and I got under the car. The fit is perfect. And the sound is exotically beautiful. Thanks for your help today as well!
I’ll post this experience on
Thanks again!
XKR stage 2 exhaust system
Hi Matt
Thanks for today had a good run back and there certainly is quite a difference with the new section added to the back boxes.
So some immediate feedback.
1. The new section has softened the noise at full chat. Less Cobra full bore V8 and now a distinctive but smoothed roar.
2. In the cruise the interior is very quiet will just a back box hum. Most pleasant. More quiet than the OEM exhaust I might say.
3. On acceleration on the road it is as we discussed but a smoother V8growl rather than a roar I had before.
4. Engine is way more flexible and whisks through the rev range. The car definitely likes being asthma free!
5. I averaged 27.7mpg on way back at an average speed of 73mph. On the way up it was 26mpg at an average of 63mph. I think this is because the engine is more free. Result.
XFR stage 1 exhaust
Hi Matt
Exhaust arrived and is fitted!
My mechanic, who is a stickler for quality and precise engineering commented on how well they had been made and and the car sounds amazing. As feedback he did suggest that the hook for the rubbers on the box itself could be about 1/4 longer but he did say they would not move!
Thanks and…..Regards

XFR stage 2 exhaust


Dear Matt,

Parts instaled and working.

Tank you for your prompt and quality servisse.

Delphinus, Lda.

Miguel Marçal dos Santos


Hi Matt,

I have just one word – it is BRILLIANT!!!

This is what I wanted, it keeps the car more settled, gives me more flat ride, reduces vertical movement a lot more and also side roll is improved a bit (I would like for side roll to be improved even further to give as much flat ride as possible, but I am now very happy with the ride). I also have a lot better handling at higher speeds, so I really enjoyed driving through Germany (roads were unusually empty yesterday, so I could really test the limits of the car:)

And to be honest, I consider your sport package to be comfort suspension.

Matt you saved me from considering to sell the XF and loose 50% of my money, so thanks a lot for that:) Now I am starting to enjoy driving my car.


XF passive sport suspension package


Hi Matt,

Just over a month after your fitting the Spires Comfort Suspension on my XF-S,  I’m happy to report my satisfaction with the result.

I’m also happy to report that, despite my anxiety about being fleeced by my insurance company through having a ‘modified vehicle’, Direct Line are not asking for any more premium for the modification.

I’ll quote my latest post on the JagInfo forum:

Have been running my XF-S with its new Spires comfort suspension for a month now. Still happy – and feeling that this is the suspension that Jaguar should have fitted in the first place. I’m still aware of the road surface quality (or otherwise), but it no longer intrudes. And at motorway speeds, I no longer get the impression that I’m feeling every detail of the roadbuilder’s art – the car, rather than the road surface, now feels in control of its smooth fast progress. The excellent XF handling seems unaffected.

I’m still puzzled by the wide range of opinions expressed on the original XF ride (dis)comfort. I guess we all have different ideas of what we want from a car: however it does seem to me that ride quality has generally been pushed down the list of priorities by today’s car designers. In my youth, I aspired to a big executive car, not only for its speed but also for its comfortable ride and non-fatiguing progress. Now that I’ve eventually been able to afford such a car, it was just my luck that the non-fatiguing aspect had been abandoned by the designers! Fortunately, Spires seem to have put that right.

What’s really prompted this post is that I’d been carefully planning the conversation to have with my insurance company to prevent them ticking that costly ‘modified’ box on the policy. No problem – I mentioned the newly fitted ‘comfort suspension’ in my recent routine pointless call about refitting my summer tyres. Good News! Direct Line is charging no extra premium, so long as the external appearance of the car is unaffected. Seems a curious criterion for the safety of suspension mods, but I’m not complaining.

Thanks for a job well done!

Best regards,


XF passive comfort suspension package


An Exhausting Problem

On realising that diesel exhaust fumes were filling the car interior of my Jaguar XF 2.7D and reading the experience of other owners, it became apparent that there was a problem with the flexible joints attached to the catalytic converters.  Firstly one joint cracked and leaked fumes then the other joint also cracked and leaked fumes. The catalytic converter is supposed to last the life of the vehicle and is a very expensive piece of kit. The Jaguar XF 2.7D has two converters fitted, each with a short flexible joint before the exhaust manifold. Other Jaguar 2.7D owners who had encountered the same problem had informed Jaguar and their solution was to fit new catalytic converters costing over £1000 each after fitting.

It would appear there is no difference in the flexible joint on the new cat than there is on the one being replaced, so in probability the new cats could also eventually crack and leak.

In my opinion this would appear to be a design fault and when I asked Spires, the exhaust specialists, in Leicester to help with a solution. Matt at Spires agreed to have a look at the problem and see if he could come up with a more cost effective answer. He asked me to leave my car with them in order they could modify it to resolve the issue and give them feedback. I agreed and left the car in their capable hands.

Spires looked at the problem and decided to effectively remove the flexible joints by fitting a solid connection between the catalytic converter and the exhaust manifold and monitor the results through feedback from myself. I agreed to the modification and agreed to give them future reports on the result.

The later model Jaguar XF 3.0d also has two catalytic converters fitted but they have no flexible joint before the exhaust manifold.

When Spires had completed the modification the first thing I noticed on starting the engine was the absence of diesel fumes in the car. It was a pleasure to drive the 120 mile journey home without those nauseous diesel fumes.

It is now coming up to six months since Spires addressed the problem and I am so pleased with the result. I have had no problem with exhaust fumes entering the interior of the car whatsoever and once more you smell the gentle spicy fragrance released by the cabin deodoriser.

To other Jaguar XF 2.7D owners who have the same problem I can certainly recommend Spires to do the exhaust modification at a fraction of the cost involved in replacing the two catalytic converters.


Hi Matt,

Following the modification you did on my Jaguar XF 2.7D exhaust system last November when I left my car with you to overcome “Exhaust fumes in my car”

You asked me to give you feed back in the future.

I can report back that there have been no problems at all and I attach the piece I have written for publication by whoever accepts it providing you have no objections to it.

Thanks again Matt

Best wishes



XF 2.7D downpipe repair kit