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BMW M3 – VSCC Pomeroy Trophy 2015

Hi Matt,
Here is a Photo from the VSCC Pomeroy Trophy 2015, an eclectic Handicap event that sees cars from across the eras face off in a variety of tests with the objective of finding the fastest road legal GT car.   Running on your specially re-specced Nitron R1 kit the car was faultless and despite the cold greasy track limiting traction from my A048’s early on I ended up 8th overall with a 2nd in class award, which I pretty chuffed with given my cars handicap.  The alignment and corner weight setup we have ended up on generated a nice neutral balance with good even tyre wear and temperatures.  The step on from the original Nitron R1 kit is remarkable and about as far as you can go with a track focussed kit that is also at home on the road.